William W. "Tex" Sadler
1945 - 2015
William W. (TEX) Sadler  Born in Burnet Texas, Worked Hanover Co.  Schools for 41 years, Teacher, Principal, Disciplinary Hearing/Safety Officer and Director Alternative Ed. He has a BS degree in Biology and Chemistry at Atlantic and Texas Christian; Masters in Chemistry and Post Masters in Education at UVA.  He loved spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, building and ranching, watching Western movies, writing for the Virginia Deer Hunters Association's magazine, and advocating for others. Tex could be found reenacting the history of the Mountain Man and open-range cowboy, singing while playing his guitar and banjo, or driving his Model T Ford. He demonstrated firearms and hardware of the old West at Cowboy Camps, Roundups, and Quick draw contests. He exhibited tools, firearms, and clothing of the mountain men in encampments and county Heritage Days and at schools.  He served as President of the VDHA from 1991 to 2013 and was on the Board of Directors until his passing.  He is truly missed by all who knew him.
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